KPOP HAIR COLOURS -  and then there’s key:

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happy birthday Y O N G   J U N H Y U N G since 891219 

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Happy 22nd (23rd) Birthday to our Sexy Lapper, Yong Junhyung! A composer, dancer, rapper and singer; you really are the whole package. Astonishing fans with your talent in songwriting, you are one of the most wanted rappers in today’s music industry. Your love for rapping is shown when you rap even during the middle of the night whilst asleep. With your wife, Jang Hyunseung, and your pet, Yang Yoseob, you willingly showcase your flirting skills, making us fangirls scream. With those rare cute moments of aeygo, your girly slapping, and awkward remarks; you will nonetheless be our charismatic joker Junhyung with full of swag. B2UTIES wish you to have an amazing birthday and hope for all the best in the future (and stay healthy, ofcourse!) ♥

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